Hack Jam @BCREC

Hello Everyone , Again I came back with a great success. We are proud to be a Mozillan Because we make things by doing some creative work As my last Blog was KitchenParty@Dgp , Due to the Success that event. We did something bigger than that one i.e a Big Webmaker Party named as Hack Jam @ BCREC .

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Event Schedule:

  • Introduction to Mozilla and it’s other project
  • Introduction to Webmaker project
  • Introduction and Demo on FirefoxOS
  • Presentation on HTML5.
  • Presentation on CSS.
  • Paper prototyping – Draw your idea for web/app/popcorn
  • Let’s Party – Hands on session with webmaker tools.
  • Hack the Web with Thimble

Most of the students from our college and they were very much interested to know about the webmaker project. and also some students from NIT Durgapur .  Umesh Agarwal  had organized this event and have done a great job for the new future  open source contributers .

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As We started our journey at sharp 10.30 am in E-learning Studio of our College. Basically the event started with mozilla mission  by Biraj karamkar as there was some new students who didn’t know about mozilla. then after Umesh Agarwal has teach about the webmaker.  Then  after there was the session of HTML CSS and hands on session of webmaker.

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participants were putting their great effort to get all the tags of HTML5 . They where smoothly getting the HTML5 and CSS session.

I have done my job as volunteer. I helped the participants in HTML5, CSS and also about webmaker. participants were very interested to learn HTML5 ,  CSS and Webmaker .

They were also encouraged to try as many different activities as possible, and their counselors were helpful in this aspect.

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Hands – on session on  webmaker was cool, as most of them became familiar with webmaker tools.

So I helped them by  making  a thimble about the todays event   based on thimble . here is the link of it


really With the effort of each person we were able to fulfill our goal.

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hoping to organize another event i.e Hack Jam 2.

thanks !!!!


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