Hello every one after a long time, I came again with some creative work. that i have hosted a kitchen party in dhanbad i.e KitchenParty@Dhanbad , which was the first mozilla event in the history of Dhanbad ,  jharkhand .

The event basically about the Mozilla mission. And how to play with the web worlds.

For those who don’t know what kitchen party  click.


The event was started  11 am  and finished at 12.30 pm

As the participants were from 12th standard students so following was the events:
1)I have given introducation about mozilla mission and mozilla product
 2)  Basic knowledge of Web.
 3) Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.
 4) How we can remix video through Popcorn Maker.
 5) How to Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles.
 6) How to design a new web page with Thimble.
So we started with basic knowledge of web, like what are webpages? how they are built? what is the use? etc.

After this warm up session, I told them about Thimble. I started with HTML basics and about CSS, How to use them? How to link HTML with CSS? Then after I came to the main part i.e Thimble. What is thimble ? What is the purpose ? How to make  Thimble page?

hope there will be the bigger event in future

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