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Club is never I its we . Building Firefox Club is not an easy task, Smart labour is required to make awesome firefox club.Firefox club BIT SINDRI is one of them.

After organizing and attending series of event, it was time for most important and awesome event. It was time for #FSAMEETUP. It was one of the most fruitful and productive FSA meetup I ever have been to.

The evening of the day held prominence as it marked a meet-up of the FSA. Members of the BIT FSA gathered together.


Innovators never do the big things but small things in a great way. that’s why, I participated as an aorganizer of mozilla webmaker event named as #FSAMEETUP@BITSINDRI

We discussed at length about the various projects of Mozilla:-
–Firefox OS APPS
As i make them understood about the contribution in mozilla. The talk also included how to work over localization and spread of mozilla mission. What work has to be done and how it has to be done! Both aspects were discussed in details. And as the discussion was about firefox Apps. I told about the rewards and gears of firefox club. I also told about the monthly competition of firefox club.
I told the main part of webmaker specially about remix of thimble and popcorn. And details about the FSA what is the mission, what are the benefits of being a FSA. and what are the projects for FSA’S. and many more  was discussed.We all looked forward towards another meet-up as such things have a lot of benefits. And told them to organize such small events at your college and increase the number of FSA’S at your college
A Mozilla meet never ends without swags, I provided them with some and also told us to involve more people and spread the word Mozilla . Also I  advised to work towards app developments and organize events related to them.