25th july 2014

Bokaro Jharkhand

Hello Mozillian, After organizing and attending series of event, it was time to move a new place at jharkhand i.e, Bokaro. and the event was basically for it was named MOZTECH@Bokaro I have tried to help some jharkhand’s women to come in the world of web.

I have started the session with the word WEB. How it works in whole world. I have tried to make them understand how information is shared on the web through giving some website and webpage knowledge.

1 (1)

i make them aware with lots of web related question. and shared some knowledge how the website works. and how we get the thing which need on the internet.i have gone through the backend of webpage. and where there is question of web how the webmaker can be out of it. i have shared the each part of Mozilla. What is Mozilla. What mozilla is doing, and make them aware about the #makerparty. .copy3 copy5then i have gone the website and its workflow. Friends …..I explained to students how to prepare web page,so first I write the html code on black board, then gone through details of it. and also make them aware with the HTML also. I have gone through the webmaker also where i teach them about webmaker tools and to make webpages also. and teach them about thimble page. what is thimble and how to make it. and many more related to web.

1 (3)finally there was Question rounnd, where i have asked some question related to my session and i have encouraged them by giving some reward i.e webmaker t-shirt and with some mozilla swag.

000_0010 i have tried to make them aware with thand after the session there was a time for the group photo.



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