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MozHindiMeetup 2K15

                                                        MozHindiMeetup 2K15                                                           

Sarai-CSDS 5th-6th Sep 2k15

Hi All,

I am very happy to write blog again about mozilla. This time Mozilla hindi L10n community meetup i.e MozHindiMeetup 2k15 was organized in Sarai-CSDS(The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) Delhi from 5th sep-6th sep.
I was witness of an awesome event and the level of enthusiasm which I have seen in new contributors was unbelievable. I will thanks to Umesh  Agarwal for organizing this event and for giving me the opportunity to be the part of this great event and thanks to Rajesh ranjan, Shahid Farooqui and Ravikant for making this event grand success. we had to discuss multiple Hindi l10n activities and to train new L10n contributors.

Event was very important in many aspects. This event was mainly about increasing the download of Firefox for Desktop and Firefox for Android by reviewing important projects, translating more projects, reviewing translated projects And to give training to new contributor in localization and many more L10n activities.

Here is 2 days event details:-
Day 1:-
The on spot registration started at 09:00 AM. Event started with the short participants introduction and short introduction about the L10n community and localization process for the new contributors. We made them clear about all localization tools what we use for the localization. As in our agenda we had to localize also, So the group has been divided for the localize and for reviewing the localized string. The main aim of this was to increase download of firefox for  desktop as well as andriod  in many language. So after Lunch We totally focused on how to increase downloads. We reviewed our hindi L10n wiki page. We made agenda for the hindi work commitment and had group discussion related to Hindi L10n community. And the end of first day We reviewed our all the work what we did on that day.

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Day2 started with some energetic view about Hindi from Ravikant. He told so many things about Hindi why it is important to have in Web. As per our agenda first session we started with review of localized string as localized yesterday.
After we start language promotion evengts in india for increasing downloads for firefox for desktop and firefox for andriod. After lunch We resolved bugs also. we had round table discussion for Firefox OS L10n: Challenges and opportunities. We made further plan to increase download of firefox for desktop. We made plans for next 6th months to increase contribution in L10n also and future community event plans. We made so many pamphlets for the promotion which will be shared very soon. We made a video on How can you contribute to Mozilla in Hindi which is coming soon. At the end The special swag has been distributed among us and we warped up our 2 days event with importance of hindi translation by Rajesh ranjan and Ravikant.

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This event details has been published in media also. Links has been given below and the group photo. Very soon I will come again with some big news and new to this hindi L10n community.


Important Links :-

Reps Event Page:-

Hindi L10n Wiki Page:

                                                Event featured on NewsPaper:                                                                   mozilas-work-in-hindi-4049