MozHindiMeetup 2K15

                                                        MozHindiMeetup 2K15                                                           

Sarai-CSDS 5th-6th Sep 2k15

Hi All,

I am very happy to write blog again about mozilla. This time Mozilla hindi L10n community meetup i.e MozHindiMeetup 2k15 was organized in Sarai-CSDS(The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) Delhi from 5th sep-6th sep.
I was witness of an awesome event and the level of enthusiasm which I have seen in new contributors was unbelievable. I will thanks to Umesh  Agarwal for organizing this event and for giving me the opportunity to be the part of this great event and thanks to Rajesh ranjan, Shahid Farooqui and Ravikant for making this event grand success. we had to discuss multiple Hindi l10n activities and to train new L10n contributors.

Event was very important in many aspects. This event was mainly about increasing the download of Firefox for Desktop and Firefox for Android by reviewing important projects, translating more projects, reviewing translated projects And to give training to new contributor in localization and many more L10n activities.

Here is 2 days event details:-
Day 1:-
The on spot registration started at 09:00 AM. Event started with the short participants introduction and short introduction about the L10n community and localization process for the new contributors. We made them clear about all localization tools what we use for the localization. As in our agenda we had to localize also, So the group has been divided for the localize and for reviewing the localized string. The main aim of this was to increase download of firefox for  desktop as well as andriod  in many language. So after Lunch We totally focused on how to increase downloads. We reviewed our hindi L10n wiki page. We made agenda for the hindi work commitment and had group discussion related to Hindi L10n community. And the end of first day We reviewed our all the work what we did on that day.

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Day2 started with some energetic view about Hindi from Ravikant. He told so many things about Hindi why it is important to have in Web. As per our agenda first session we started with review of localized string as localized yesterday.
After we start language promotion evengts in india for increasing downloads for firefox for desktop and firefox for andriod. After lunch We resolved bugs also. we had round table discussion for Firefox OS L10n: Challenges and opportunities. We made further plan to increase download of firefox for desktop. We made plans for next 6th months to increase contribution in L10n also and future community event plans. We made so many pamphlets for the promotion which will be shared very soon. We made a video on How can you contribute to Mozilla in Hindi which is coming soon. At the end The special swag has been distributed among us and we warped up our 2 days event with importance of hindi translation by Rajesh ranjan and Ravikant.

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This event details has been published in media also. Links has been given below and the group photo. Very soon I will come again with some big news and new to this hindi L10n community.


Important Links :-

Reps Event Page:-

Hindi L10n Wiki Page:

                                                Event featured on NewsPaper:                                                                   mozilas-work-in-hindi-4049


Mozilla hi_IN Meetup & Fennec Launch Party @ C-DAC Pune

Mozilla hi_IN Meetup & Fennec Launch Party

 C-DAC Pune

Hello Mozillian!

I got opportunity to attend MozHindiMeetup & Fennec Launch on 11th-12th oct at C-DAC Pune. I was very happy that i was working together for our native language. We had awesome started with early morning with lot of energy. We had only work because our event agenda was too strong and we had to covered all. But we were happy that we had very strong team.

I reached pune before one day of the event. i was very excited to do my favorite job i.e Localization.

See how we covered our agenda having awesome team of hi_IN Localization:-


We reached C-DAC at fresh morning. We started with welcome introduction session then individual introduction because we had some many new contributors. The team was divided into two group one is for translation and another team was for review, because we had lot of works to do. A brief introduction about Localization was given by Mr. Chandan Kumar.

In the first half he taught how to localize, different project on hi_IN localization and many more some of them given below

In 2nd half there was only localization in one group and in another group they started to do review and Review of FUEL Mobile and which has been been totally localized in first day, and also we were working on QA and localization sprint.

In the evening we had an awesome Fennec launch party. Firefox for Android in Hindi, it has been localized by awesome hi_IN l10n contributors. Recently after successful localization of Firefox for Android in different languages we decided to officially launch it.



Started again with lot of energy and potentiality. It was same as 1st day. First group was working on translation of Web parts, Firefox35 (Aurora). and the review of the same translation

At the end of 2nd day we come to know so many new things, got the chance to meet with some experience localization contributor. and learned so many new things.

Here goes our work which is done in this meet:

Twitter Collections: Click Here

Flickr Collections: Click Here

Event Page : Click Here

thanks for C-DAC Pune and Chandarkant Ji and Whole staff of C-DAC Pune, It was an awesome venue, and also everything was great. Hope we will meet soon in future.


KiddConnect@Dhanbad: Spreading WEB

27th July 2014

Hello Mozillians,

As MakerParty is booming day by day, and hope we all are enjoying either by hosting or attending event. as after my MozTech Event. I went to a village in Dhanbad for spreading the web where there is no internet, electricity problem, But even they are very intelligent and sharp in mind, they were kin to know about the web and internet. i started the program KiddConnect@Dhanbad at 6pm sharp.

So i organized a web literacy program. the child were interesting to know about web and the internet, I have started with  a video How internet works. then again i shown a video how the world is connected with the web. I was very excited to make them understand about the the web world. the children were very happy to see all the video and to know about the internet.


I tell them about the Computer and the structure of computer and tell them about the history of computer. I have given them the knowledge about the Tablet and the android. and told them what can we do with the help of internet like online video player, downloading music, video and news also.


Then i told them little about the web browser(Mozilla Firefox), and explain about the browser Mozilla firefox. and then gave little bit of idea about the how the webpage look like and show them the code part how it make. and teach thme in a funny way. and they were very hunger to know about the internet web world. and end the program at 8pm.

Finally what i get, i.e Satisfaction. Awesome time spent with the kid, We all enjoy a lot.

I love to teach the web to people to make them aware of it.

Awesome time!




25th july 2014

Bokaro Jharkhand

Hello Mozillian, After organizing and attending series of event, it was time to move a new place at jharkhand i.e, Bokaro. and the event was basically for it was named MOZTECH@Bokaro I have tried to help some jharkhand’s women to come in the world of web.

I have started the session with the word WEB. How it works in whole world. I have tried to make them understand how information is shared on the web through giving some website and webpage knowledge.

1 (1)

i make them aware with lots of web related question. and shared some knowledge how the website works. and how we get the thing which need on the internet.i have gone through the backend of webpage. and where there is question of web how the webmaker can be out of it. i have shared the each part of Mozilla. What is Mozilla. What mozilla is doing, and make them aware about the #makerparty. .copy3 copy5then i have gone the website and its workflow. Friends …..I explained to students how to prepare web page,so first I write the html code on black board, then gone through details of it. and also make them aware with the HTML also. I have gone through the webmaker also where i teach them about webmaker tools and to make webpages also. and teach them about thimble page. what is thimble and how to make it. and many more related to web.

1 (3)finally there was Question rounnd, where i have asked some question related to my session and i have encouraged them by giving some reward i.e webmaker t-shirt and with some mozilla swag.

000_0010 i have tried to make them aware with thand after the session there was a time for the group photo.






Club is never I its we . Building Firefox Club is not an easy task, Smart labour is required to make awesome firefox club.Firefox club BIT SINDRI is one of them.

After organizing and attending series of event, it was time for most important and awesome event. It was time for #FSAMEETUP. It was one of the most fruitful and productive FSA meetup I ever have been to.

The evening of the day held prominence as it marked a meet-up of the FSA. Members of the BIT FSA gathered together.


Innovators never do the big things but small things in a great way. that’s why, I participated as an aorganizer of mozilla webmaker event named as #FSAMEETUP@BITSINDRI

We discussed at length about the various projects of Mozilla:-
–Firefox OS APPS
As i make them understood about the contribution in mozilla. The talk also included how to work over localization and spread of mozilla mission. What work has to be done and how it has to be done! Both aspects were discussed in details. And as the discussion was about firefox Apps. I told about the rewards and gears of firefox club. I also told about the monthly competition of firefox club.
I told the main part of webmaker specially about remix of thimble and popcorn. And details about the FSA what is the mission, what are the benefits of being a FSA. and what are the projects for FSA’S. and many more  was discussed.We all looked forward towards another meet-up as such things have a lot of benefits. And told them to organize such small events at your college and increase the number of FSA’S at your college
A Mozilla meet never ends without swags, I provided them with some and also told us to involve more people and spread the word Mozilla . Also I  advised to work towards app developments and organize events related to them.



Hello every one after a long time, I came again with some creative work. that i have hosted a kitchen party in dhanbad i.e KitchenParty@Dhanbad , which was the first mozilla event in the history of Dhanbad ,  jharkhand .

The event basically about the Mozilla mission. And how to play with the web worlds.

For those who don’t know what kitchen party  click.


The event was started  11 am  and finished at 12.30 pm

As the participants were from 12th standard students so following was the events:
1)I have given introducation about mozilla mission and mozilla product
 2)  Basic knowledge of Web.
 3) Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.
 4) How we can remix video through Popcorn Maker.
 5) How to Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles.
 6) How to design a new web page with Thimble.
So we started with basic knowledge of web, like what are webpages? how they are built? what is the use? etc.

After this warm up session, I told them about Thimble. I started with HTML basics and about CSS, How to use them? How to link HTML with CSS? Then after I came to the main part i.e Thimble. What is thimble ? What is the purpose ? How to make  Thimble page?

hope there will be the bigger event in future

Hack Jam @BCREC

Hello Everyone , Again I came back with a great success. We are proud to be a Mozillan Because we make things by doing some creative work As my last Blog was KitchenParty@Dgp , Due to the Success that event. We did something bigger than that one i.e a Big Webmaker Party named as Hack Jam @ BCREC .

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Event Schedule:

  • Introduction to Mozilla and it’s other project
  • Introduction to Webmaker project
  • Introduction and Demo on FirefoxOS
  • Presentation on HTML5.
  • Presentation on CSS.
  • Paper prototyping – Draw your idea for web/app/popcorn
  • Let’s Party – Hands on session with webmaker tools.
  • Hack the Web with Thimble

Most of the students from our college and they were very much interested to know about the webmaker project. and also some students from NIT Durgapur .  Umesh Agarwal  had organized this event and have done a great job for the new future  open source contributers .

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As We started our journey at sharp 10.30 am in E-learning Studio of our College. Basically the event started with mozilla mission  by Biraj karamkar as there was some new students who didn’t know about mozilla. then after Umesh Agarwal has teach about the webmaker.  Then  after there was the session of HTML CSS and hands on session of webmaker.

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participants were putting their great effort to get all the tags of HTML5 . They where smoothly getting the HTML5 and CSS session.

I have done my job as volunteer. I helped the participants in HTML5, CSS and also about webmaker. participants were very interested to learn HTML5 ,  CSS and Webmaker .

They were also encouraged to try as many different activities as possible, and their counselors were helpful in this aspect.

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Hands – on session on  webmaker was cool, as most of them became familiar with webmaker tools.

So I helped them by  making  a thimble about the todays event   based on thimble . here is the link of it

really With the effort of each person we were able to fulfill our goal.

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hoping to organize another event i.e Hack Jam 2.

thanks !!!!


Hello all, after a long time i am back with my blog post.

This time its about my first ever Mozilla Webmaker Event named as #kitchenparty@DGP.

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The person who initiated me for participating in this event as an organizer  was Umesh Agarwal.

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For those who don’t know what kitchen party  click.

Innovators never do the big things but small things in a great way. That’s why, I  participated as an organizer of Mozilla Webmaker Event named as #kitchenparty@DGP.

As the participants were college students so following was the events:
 1) Warm up with Basic knowledge of Web.
 2) Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.
 3) How we can remix video through Popcorn Maker.
 4) How to Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles.
 5) How to design a new web page with Thimble.

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So we started with basic knowledge of web, like what are webpages? how they are built? what is the use? etc.
After this warm up session, I told them about Thimble. I started with HTML basics and about CSS, How to use them? How to link HTML with CSS? Then after I came to the main part i.e Thimble. What is thimble ? What is the purpose ? How to make  Thimble page? . And I gave them home task to make thimble page on the freedom fighter of our country India.

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 Main and interesting part of the webmaker still left i.e Popcorn Maker. I started to make them understand about popcorn remixing, what is the purpose? How we can remix a video? . So i gave the a home task to remix a Video specially for the independence day.

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So, as we got a amazing response from the participants. We are going to organize a bigger event in our college i.e  Hack Jam @ BCREC on 26th of this month.

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Hoping that Bigger event will give us huge output and a lot of new contributors.
Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.


i have started my summer training from 22nd of june 2013 from dgplug. the training is all about linux and FOSS. it is going on very nice. everyday has the session for the training and it is online totally free.
most of the session is about 1hr. in a day there may be more than one session.
But today it was 6hr class, which was divided into 2session. todays session was one of the best session .
i will never forget 28th june i.e today, where i spend 6hr for training only.
Today i have learnt so many things today only..
Really Linux or FOSS is very interesting